Wedding Events
Fort Herkimer Church’s historic beauty and symbolism as a monument of strength and fortitude make it an ideal setting for weddings. In the last decade, dozens of weddings have been performed at the church. Click here to read what one couple has to say about choosing Fort Herkimer Church as the venue for their wedding.
The church belongs to the regional Montgomery Classis of the Reformed Church in America, and it follows the broad and ecumenical guidelines set forth by the Reformed Church. All religious affiliations as well as services overseen by a Justice of the Peace are welcomed.
  • The Fort Herkimer Church is not in competition with any church, synagogue or any other religious entity. Therefore, be sure that your minister, priest, rabbi, justice of the peace, or any other marriage official is agreeable to conducting your marriage in the Fort Herkimer Church .
  • The church is not heated, so early spring or late fall services can be uncomfortably cold. The church is usually closed between Thanksgiving and April.
  • The church can seat approximately 180 on the ground floor and 100 in the balcony. Standing room can accommodate 50 more if desired. The Aisle Length is 50 feet. Only the first floor is handicapped accessible.
  • Having a Unity Candle lighting during the service is allowed, but since we are AFRAID of fire, having a fire extinguisher available, especially if frilly or easily flammable gowns are worn would be a good idea.
  • We ask that in decorating the church you refrain from using any nails, hooks, screws, tacks, staples, etc. Tape can pull off paint, so a type of hook (usually plastic) to hold ribbons or baskets is preferred. Taping a runner to the floor is o.k.
  • Electric plugs, though unobtrusive and hidden, are available in the front and back of the church on both sides and also in the balcony on both sides in the back.
  • The church has a pump organ and piano, usually kept in tune with each other.
  • The Board of Commissioners requests a donation of $l00 for the use of the church, and it should be sent to our Treasurer, Kenneth W. Palmer, 19 Walnut Street, Mohawk, New York 13407 or to Fort Herkimer Church, Board of Commissioners, c/o Donald M. Fenner, PO Box 407, Springfield Center, New York 13468 no less than 2 weeks prior to the wedding. Checks should be made out to FORT HERKIMER CHURCH .
  • A key to the church will be made available prior to the service.
  • The physical address of the Church is 575 State Highway 5-S, Mohawk , New York 13407 .
  • The Fort Herkimer Church does not have a support group to dust or clean the church, so usually at a rehearsal, participants in the wedding will dust the pews should they need it.
  • The Town of German Flatts parking area west of the church is generally available. Using their Gazebo can be arranged by calling the Town of German Flatts at 315-866-4960.
  • Please inform us right away of any changes in plans, dates or cancellation.
  • For our archives we would like to receive a wedding invitation. The Fort Herkimer Church is a non-smoking facility.
  • We discourage the consumption of food and beverages in the church.
  • Complete and return the Fort Herkimer Church Wedding Information Form.
Wedding Guidelines
Ongoing Events
The best way to see the church is to attend one of various events held there, the most notable of which is the annual interdenominational Thanksgiving Day service. The service, which attracts hundreds of worshipers, is held at 10am on Thanksgiving. Visitors may also be interested in attending the July 4 Independence Day service sponsored by the General Herkimer Home Historic Site.
Visitors can also view the church and get a taste for life long ago by attending the “Living History Weekend” event sponsored by the Town of German Flatts. The event, held annually during the last full weekend of September, includes historical re-enactments, live entertainment, food, and more.  In addition, the church is used by all members of the community for various religious, patriotic, and family services, including: 

For more information about how the church can be used today as well as other events open to the public, contact Don Fenner, Fort Herkimer Church Board of Commissioners President, at (607) 547-8490.

Important Wedding Notice
We cannot schedule any more weddings for 2017 at this time.  Our list of scheduled weddings for 2017 has been lost - no backup.  So...until the list is found or recreated and to avoid any conflicts, no further weddings in 2017 will be scheduled.  Anyone that currently has a wedding scheduled at the Fort Herkimer Church must contact Mr. Don Fenner at (607) 547-8490 or Pam at (315) 866-1370